Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bake Sale? Brilliant!

So Gurgle and I have planned on doing this cookiesforkidscancer bake sale for a couple months and now it is getting close to that time and as with all events that I plan, I am getting antsy!

I'm considering a Saturday in June at the local Safeway because Saturdays in June usually tempt people out of the house and Safeway is usually a pretty busy place.

I have way too many ideas running through my head for this thing and instead of writing them all down (I can only imagine the hand cramps) I figured this would be a great outlet to blast all this stuff out of my brain and have a good place to go back to it later on. (Also, Gurgle, if she EVER ends up blogging has easy access to it as well).

I definitely know that we will probably both bake chocolate chip cookies, which is like the staple of all bake sales. But this is ok because I think we will probably need a TON of cookies and we both make different types:

She likes the smaller, crispy cookies and I like the giant, chewy choc-full of chocolate chip know, the kind that makes you gain 5 lbs.

I'm also thinking my strawberry cream cheese cupcakes would be a nice choice, topped with decorative slivers of fresh strawberry should be perfecto.

I know that when I start planning things I get a little carried away and try to do everything myself but I know that in order for this to be a successful fundraiser for kids cancer research I will need the assistance of some other people.

Ooh, also I want to bake black bottom cupcakes (but I'm gonna have to try that one out first)

Anyways, I know Gurgle and I will be doing this together but I think getting someone else to help us might be condusive to our success with this thing. I was considering my long lost friend, Ashton, who's momma bakes wedding cakes for a living (and they are always FREAKING AMAZING) and maybe seeing if her mom would contribute a cake for our cause. I'm just really really horrible at asking for help.

But, the website has tons of really good ideas, including links to sweet stuff like that has plenty of nifty little bags and packaging for the baked goods. I'm not so much worried about the cookies, (those can just go in a ziploc bag with a cute sticker on them) but the cupcakes are more of my concern. They have some nice cake boxes but you need to order them in bulk and the smallest amount you can buy is 100 for $44.

On the other hand, even if we don't use all the boxes at the bake sale, we could always host another one if it is a success and the amount of times I bake things for people, they might actually come in handy!

So many things to think about...I'm gonna have to brainstorm A LOT in the next few weeks, I think at our movie/baking/cooking night this Friday, Gurgle and I will have tons of things to talk about though!


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