Monday, August 20, 2012


I've been baking since I don't know when.  Typically I bake for family and friends during birthdays or other special occasions. It wasn't until the past year that people started asking me to make them for them and telling me that they would pay me to bake them.


You mean you will give me money, to do something I love and share with the world? Amazing!

Well I was thrilled with the idea of this and after several commissioned cupcakes and birthday cakes I came to the realization that I do love to bake and I love to share my baking with the world.

The problem with baking is that, no matter how delicious whatever it is that I bake is, 3 people can only consume so many baked goods.

Since I was rear-ended last month and my car is still in the body shop, I decided to make some of my famous Strawberry cream cheese cupcakes for the guys at the shop so they take extra good care of my baby ; )

My little brochacho, Adam, is not as big of a fan of the strawberry cream cheese cupcakes as everyone else. I think it has something to do with how he pieces apart the cupcakes starting from the top, licking off all the frosting and then munching on the cupcake itself. I decided to make his own special batch of simple vanilla cupcakes, topped with whipped cream and a strawberry. I think the picture describes how much he liked them!
Adams strawberry whipped cream cupcake on one of my favorite thrifted plate sets!

I got these plates for $1 each at Goodwill, all 8 of them! Aren't they the perfect cupcake serving tray?

Here are the strawberry cream cheese cupcakes. The problem with giving/selling them now is that my favorite cupcake box manufacturer is on a temporary hiatus. I am dying for them to come back so I can keep spreading the cupcake love!

These babies are filled with cream cheese and strawberry jam. For sure my most popular cupcakes to date!

I have a dream of one day combining all of my favorite things in the world into a little brick and mortar store.

It took me a while to come to this dream, for years and years I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. It sort of came upon me accidentally as my interests in things started becoming passions.

Of course dreams take time, motivatio, sweat, blood and tears which I am willing to shed to pursue my passion. But one day I do hope that I can fulfill that dream. That dream, of course, being to have a little brick and mortar cupcake/vintage/handmade shop. Where I sell cupcakes on beautiful, vintage and artsy little plates. Walls of shelves filled with vintage pyrex and Catherineholm bowls and bakeware. I'd like a little corner of vintage clothes, accesories and handmade trinkets/pillows/artwork all the while beautiful music wafts through the air.

Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

I do get a little ok, a lot excited sometimes, and this starts that bubbling up inside of me that I just cannot contain! It makes me giddy with excitement just daydreaming about it until I can finally put it into fruition.

In the meantime I'll start with my modest online cupcake-facebook page, making local deliveries and my humble little etsy shop with only a few items in it. But one day, I hope to turn it all into my full time career, spreading the joy of all the things I love to everyone else in the best way I know possible.

Maybe Meatwad can even make a cameo as a little shop bunny. ; )

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  1. Oh, man. My mouth is watering now! Those look exactly like summer. Also, yes! such a cute box!



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