Friday, December 28, 2012

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So I was supposed to drive down to North Carolina this weekend with my friend Aiyshen to see our friend Kristi who just bought a house.

I'm so ridiculously proud of and happy for Kristi that she has embarked on this amazing journey and didn't chicken out and change her mind like I would have.  We've been planning on coming down for a few weeks now and I was excited to see her new place and also see her face since it's been months!

The problem lies in a few different things.

1. My car is acting up. I work for a shop. Yes, I know. The problem is she only works up when no one else is looking. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true. They checked her out and found a few minor things that aren't big but she wasn't making these crazy noises when they looked at her 3 days in a row but now it happens all the time. The only problem is that the shop is closed until next Wednesday. this is heavenly for me to have this much time off but also a little bit of a headache since no one can look at her. You're probably guessing that I love my car and you're correct. She's my baby, my dream car, my favorite thing in the world. So when she is sick it makes me super sad. Also, I think getting stranded 4 hours into a road trip to North Carolina would probably be a really really bad time.

2. The second problem is that we are supposed to get a snow storm tomorrow. Hooray east coast weather! It's supposed to freeze over tonight and start snowing around 3AM.

I was already a little apprehensive because of my car but I didn't want to disappoint Kristi and I definitely wanted to see her.  But I spoke to Aiyshen earlier on the phone and she explained to me what I was thinking in the back of my head all along. The signs are there, it's not a good idea for us to go.

While this breaks my heart, I believe in signs and I believe that there were far too many ominous signs preventing us from going this weekend. It actually made me feel a little bit better that Aiyshen felt the same way and lessened this feeling of guilt a little bit.

Oh and number 3 is that I don't have Kristis Christmas present completed yet. I'm making her a bucket full of new homeowner goodies so she won't ever be without a stray pair of scissors or thumb tacks etc. all the things that you have but are never around when you need them.

So the bummer of a lost road trip and visiting a friend aside, I think it's quite good we didn't do this weekend. Kristis birthday is in February and Aiyshen said maybe we could surprise her for her birthday! I think this is a much better idea since the signs have been there and also since this gives me time to bake cupcakes for her birthday, cookies for our road trip and some much better planning so we can stop and do some thrifting : )

All in all, I think it's a good thing we aren't going but I still feel terrible about letting her down. I told Aiyshen to let her know that it just means she gets way better presents from us because of it!

One good thing about today is that Meatwad has been extra snuggly. I'm not sure what it is but I forced him to snuggle with us yesterday and ever since he's been quite affectionate.

am I wearing bunny pajamas? Yes. I have no shame in this. I love bunnies. Bunny eveything. Could you tell by how many pictures I took of Meatwad?

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