Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pieces of a day

This post brought to you by the windy Virginia winter weather and a last second java chip frapucino.

This is my first official theme post. I'd like to capture more pieces of my day as I continue along with this blog and make it a running theme at least once every 2 weeks. (Once a week if I'm feeling a bit motivated).  This one is actually pieces of 2 days because, quite frankly, not much has happened the past couple days. After the whirlwind of excitement and stress of the holidays, a quick bout of the flu and accomplishing cleaning the house, I've finally been able to sit and do absolutely nothing.


Although I'm already feeling restless, I'll have plenty of time to do things the next few days. Tomorrow I head back to MD and I'll be doing a bit of rock climbing at the gym, possibly dinner with some friends and also stopping by my neighbors house to do a little gift exchange and say hello. Saturday morning I pick up Aiyshen and we head down to North Carolina to visit Kristi at her new house! We'll be back Sunday night (hopefully) and then it's NYE in Baltimore to see Louis C.K. with Kim, then back to work followed by girls night and Shauns work Christmas party next weekend. Yep. After this nice little break of 2 days doing nothing but taking baths, listening to brazillian jazz, reading the latest Martha Stewart Living, watching Property Brothers and baking and cooking things with my shiny new green mixer and crockpot, it will be back to the craziness of life again. Hopefully I'll be able to get a little thrifting, staging, photographing and listing in the etsy shop once again since I've been totally slacking in that department this past week.  I'll admit it took me a bit longer than it should have to get up off the couch to run the few errands I had today since all these amazing house shows are on and with our recent house hunting I've been having the itch to move into my own space.  But I'm sure waiting and being patient will pay off in the long run and we will find the perfect house for us, and the 2 new dogs we'll be getting quite soon after! : )

1. I got a little possessed by the holiday spirit when I first got wrapping paper this year and ended up wrapping the paintings behind the couch. I never liked them much anyway
2. After Meatwad smelled all the puppies on us from Christmas he was extra jealous and cuddly yesterday.
3. bins upon bins of Christmas stuff to be put away fairly soon. I'm trying to delay the process as much as possible due to laziness and also the sadness of the end of the year and holiday
4. I finally managed to clean the house and realize that there is basically no room for any of my stuff here. Can't wait until we'er in a bigger space.
5. My boo came home around 6 last night and we ate Christmas leftovers and vegged in front of the tv. It was quite nice.
6.Bed time. It will be sad no longer seeing the Christmas tree aglow in the living room when we wake up in the morning
7. Shaun hiding from my camera under the covers. He bought me a brand new Nikon 5100 which I've been using to snap photos of literally everything around me.
8,9,10.  A new day and a decision whether to sell or give this wonderful vintage childrens book to my neighbors. It's so sweet it's hard to part with either way.
11. a chubby, fluffy, grumpy bunny.
12, 13. A grey, blustery day. Not a good one for thrifting but I did discover a couple new places today and at least one of them I will be visiting again soon!
14. Found this pretty mug, listing it in the shop although I think it would probably make a gorgeous birthday gift for someone special.
15,16. Having serious house/life envy from this gorgeous european woman and her amazing house/adorable baby/insanely good looking husband. I'm in no rush to get married and pop out some kids but I am definitely nesting and dying for a larger, craftier space that I can actually decorate to my liking soon

Happy Holidays! I hope you get to relax a bit as I did, it's good for the soul.

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