Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pieces of a day-Christmas edition

The pieces of Christmas day.

I spent Christmas eve celebrating with my dad and little brother. Since Adam is 9, his tastes change yearly so I'm never without ideas of what to get him.   This year it's Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Both things I approve of and both things that are easy to buy for.

After Christmas eve I came home to Virginia and Shaun and I spent Christmas day with his family. First at his parents house and then at his aunt and uncles. It's hard to believe I've been a part of his families holidays for five whole years, my how the time flies. Every year I enjoy getting together with his family and sharing hugs, laughs, food and gifts. They always remark about how much they love my gift wrapping and as much as I am humble about it I really do appreciate the compliments. I love wrapping things. I think presentation is equally as important when you are sharing something with people as the actual item! Shaun's dad even made an excellent suggestion! (He is really really amazing at anything business related and both of his parents have been so sweet to take such an interest in my etsy shop and encourage me to keep going with it!) His dad said why don't I offer a gift wrap option on the etsy shop? It's easy, quick money and adds a whole new facet of business to what people can do with the treasures they buy! I think this is probably a genius idea seeing as the first item I sold was a birthday present for someones sister!

The key now is to stock up on pretty ribbon and paper, wrap boxes and photograph them and then figure out pricing. The weather has been too crazy the past couple days for me to even think about braving the cold and stopping at Michaels but Friday on my way back to Maryland I'll stop and stock up on all the holiday items for next year and see what other pretty wrapping things I can stock up on.   The more I think about the idea, the more excited I get!  I do love to present things in a nice, pretty way. As un-utilitarian as it is, I think it's important to add things to life that exist simply to look nice and put a smile on someones day. It's amazing how much a pretty wrapped box can brighten someones day!

1/2/3. Shaun's sister and her fiance got a brand new black lab puppy named Sampson. Needless to say, the first thing I photographed after opening my amazing new camera from Shaun, was this little sleeping angel!
4. Shaun also hooked me up with the coolest 300mm telephoto lens and all night I kept telling him to go far away so I could take pictures with it.
5/6. This is their other dog, Lola. The fluffiest, chubbiest husky you will ever meet. (also the hungriest, she will sit her face on your lap until you give her food when you're eating)
7. Every year Shaun and his sisters get their mother a nice present that's from all the kids. This year he picked up a macbook air for her. I remember getting a little dizzy in the apple store when he bought it, I might have laptop fever and as much as I say I hate apple, I might need to get myself a macbook!
7/8. Shaun's youngest sister, Sam with little Sampson. I was incredibly proud of the action shot I got of the puppy!
9. Getting ready to leave for Judy and Ricks house
10. Shaun's dads best of a car.  I'd be a little bitter that I haven't gotten to drive it yet if I wasn't so scared of losing control and ending up in a ditch somewhere.  So amazing!
11. The wreath on Judys door
12. Shaun's sweet southern Grandma, Grandma Whitt. She no longer grabs my face and tell me to behave, so I think she is starting to like me ; )
13. Their huge Christmas tree. This one wasn't as huge as last year, but still a monstrosity!
14. Aunt Judy and Shaun's Momma in the kitchen, cookin up some delicious food!
15. Little Christmas town
16. Shaun's cousin, Tim, posing like a supermodel in front of the fireplace.
17.  Someone looks a little suspect of my shutter fever
18. Family shot of Shauns sister, Stephanie, her fiance Jason and the newest puppy member Sampson!
19. a close up of the sweet pup
20. The fire is finally roaring
21. Setting up the dinner table with Steph and Jason canoodling in the background
22. Everyone sitting down to dinner
23. Shaun's sister Sam, cousin Tim, cousin Alicia and Sampson
24. Playing with my awesome new lens!
25. snuggling up to the fire after dinner.
26. puppy kisses!
27. little reindeer at Momma Hicks' house. I cannot WAIT to have a mantle of my own to decorate!
28. Grandpa Whitt petting the Lola
29. Shaun and his dad sharing a bro hug ; )
30. Momma Hicks and Shaun
31. a little leftover pile of holiday ribbon from the unwrapping.

oh and did I mention Shaun's mom gave me vintage pyrex for Christmas! She is the sweetest! I can't wait to go on many antiquing adventures with her while she's here from Singapore!

Happy Happy holidays to you and yours!

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