Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tis the Season!

It's the holidays once again! I am madly in love with the changing of seasons. As much as I say I want to quit my life and move to Bali I would miss the smell of snow, the beauty of fall and the excitement of spring as the weather warms.

Don't get me wrong, summertime is pretty much my favorite thing ever. I love pool days and tank tops, flip flops and bbqs.

But now Christmas is upon us and it gives me an excuse to go a little bit crazy with shopping (like I need an excuse)

I've been trying to limit myself and using a budget spreadsheet that Natalie created seems like it should help but I really do get carried away. I think I enjoy wrapping things more than anything in the world.

I have come to the sad realization that I must budget myself during the holidays especially if I am going to be buying a home, furniture and getting my etsy shop off the ground!

I am also trying to shop local, handmade, homemade and vintage this holiday season for several reasons. First of all, I always believe in keeping money in the local economy. As someone who is striving for a growing small business myself I can appreciate the hard work and passion that people put into their businesses. Also, you know the item was made, found or used with love. You can tell the quality of an item made by a small business vs the factory made Walmart items that sell for cheap. Lastly, it decreases your carbon footprint and since I've always been a little bit of a hippie, that appeals to me.

I've compiled a short 5 under $50 list of items I wouldn't mind receiving for Christmas (wink wink) and I'm sure someone special on your list would adore as well! I tried to keep it small/hand made but I'm an Anthro girl and absolutely in LOVE with baths with LUSH products. Here it is, happy holidays!

I am in LA-HOVE with Lush. The smells, the way my skin feels, the natural ingredients and no animal testing is enough for anyone to fall in love with! This adorable little set comes with the Comforter. The most bubbly bubble bar that can be broken up and used on several occasions. The butterball bath bomb that makes everything smell like soft vanilla and makes my skin and hair feel amazing and So White which smells like delicious apples and fizzes turning your bath a pretty pink. I won't tell if you buy one for someone else and one for yourself!

2. Simpatico hobnail candle in Marine $28
Ok, so I know that $28 for one candle seems a bit silly but this. Candle. Smells. Amazing. It also lasts forever and once it's done you have a beautiful studded teal jar to use as a vase, pencil holder, decor or whatever! Think of it as a 2-in-1. I love multipurpose items

3. Ivory White detachable collar $15
So I've bought maybe a few too many coats for myself this season, but i have found the perfect accessory to change up the look in case I get tired of them and try to get another! This beautiful lace collar can go with almost any outfit, not only adding a fantastic accessory but changing the whole look!  I think being able to spruce up several outfits for only $15 is a pretty fantastic deal!

4. Mustard lace earrings $20
Can you tell I've recently fallen in love with lace?  These earrings are big, but not heavy. In a lovely mustard shade that can carry through the seasons. Same as the collar, they can be used to dress up or down. Such a fun, unexpected accessory!

I find something so special about opening up a tiny package and finding a precious, detailed gift inside. I love that you can choose 2 colors from silver, bronze and gold. Put together they make an updo look stunning. Functional and fabulous!

That's enough cheesiness for me, I'm off to do some online shopping and then dream of sugarplums and ugly Christmas sweaters in preparation for the tacky holiday sweater party tomorrow at the gym.  Good night and happy holiday shopping!

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