Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adventures in picture taking-Upperville, VA edition

Today was my first day actually going out and playing around with my camera. After receiving it from Shaun for Christmas I was more than ready to get out there and start shooting.  I've had several days to get out and take some pictures but the monotony of having an entire week off made it near impossible to get up off the couch. Also, I figured I could at least google a little, youtube a little and scour the blogs  for photography tips. It did help somewhat. I figured out how to change my iso, what the M,A,S, and P meant on the camera as well as the basics of aperture, shutter speed, iso and how they all work together.   I still have a lot to learn about photography. But it was a gorgeous day and Middleburg, Upperville, Paris, Va and the Blue Ridge mountains are only a 30 minute drive away so I decided to take a little drive out to the country to see what I could do.

I was planning on being really ballsy and trespassing, climbing up on rocks and splashing through muddy ditches, squeezing through barbed wire and getting up close and personal with peoples houses. The truth is, I was just too chickenshit to get up, close and personal to get some really amazing shots that I could have gotten.

Still though, it's not a total loss since I'm still learning how to use this rig and still figuring out what actually makes good photography, well, good.

You can see a few snapshots that made the cut below.  I don't think it's too terrible for my first time. Tomorrow I'll continue doing my research on DSLR techniques and maybe head to downtown Fairfax to snap some more photos and mail that etsy order that I've been procrastinating on for a few days...*whoops*

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