Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cookie update!

Seeing as the beautiful, sunny, top down, make your legs stick to the car seat, whistle while you cruise weather has made my mind switch from responsible-homework doing-laundry folding-organizing the nightstand Rachel into 16 year old, all I wanna do is watch tv and play Plants vs. Zombies Rachel, I decided baking cookies might satiate my need for doing SOMETHING not productive yet still being slightly productive.

I've been watching TCM since West Side Story came on and now I can't stop. There's just something about black and white movies, some sort of romanticism that you can't turn away from. All the romance movies nowadays are either really cheesy or have to add humor to keep them from being so.

Anyways, cried my eyes out during the final scene of West Side Story (as ALWAYS). Hopped up from the couch and decided to bake...cookies!

Chocolate Chip cookie recipes are all basically the same and I didn't really vary too much from my usual Betty Crocker recipe. I used one out of the April issue of Martha Stewart Living but didn't realize til afterwards that I only had 10lbs of light brown sugar whereas the recipe called for dark brown. Ah...well. They are still yummy!

That would be the football cookie jar I bought Shaun for Christmas. It turns out, I use his Christmas presents more than he does : /

These are the typical Betty Crocker cookies that I make

as you can probably tell, I usually use about twice the amount of chocolate chips called for in the recipe.

Now that I've eaten myself halfway into a food coma I realize being productive in any manner will be pretty near to impossible.

The movie they're playing right now is:

A Place in the Sun

with Montgomery Clift! I love him! He was my fav in The misfits wiht Marilyn Monroe. Although in this movie his storyline is "A social climber in love with a wealthy beauty figures out how to get rid of his poor, pregnant girlfriend."

What a D-bag!

...then again, they are pretty adorable together

I feel like just an hour ago I woke up and made lunch and it's already 6:22! Shauns on his way home and it's time to make dinner. Chicken Caprese salad with fresh mozarella! I'll update pictures tomorrow ; )

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