Friday, April 9, 2010


Friday Friday Friday! Woohoo!

Every Friday morning when I drag myself out of bed in Fairfax at 6:30 and make the hour and a half trip to Pasadena in the morning, I know in the back of my head that tomorrow will be Saturday and I can roll around in bed until noon and not have to deal with 66 traffic. I think that's actually what gets me up in the morning. ANYways...

It has been in the mid 90s the past few days and it was GORGEOUS top down, tank top and skirt weather! Last night we had thunderstorms and it dropped to 50. My flip flops were not prepared for that.


It has been getting progressively better today, from gloomy, peekaboo clouds at 7AM to sunshine and a light breeze today at 11:35.

Martha is cooking today and everything looks DELICIOUS as usual but my attention span is bouncing back and forth between things. This might be due to the fact that my breakfast was:

1 tall iced extra caramel caramel macchiato

2 smore's poptarts

1 classic coffee cake

ugh...time and time again I eat lots of sugar for breakfast and realize it's a terrible idea after about 10am when my stomach is yelling at me.

On to positive things!

The weather being amazing has had me dreaming of the beach again. Although I just went with gurgle last month to Myrtle Beach for the first time, it was a bit cold (65 and windy cold...brr) and a tad bit overcast so we didn't get in as much beach time as I had hoped for.

I Ofen to reminesce about the wonderful times I did have on the beach though and wanted to backtrack through my pictures, here's some easily accesible from my iphone:

This is from my trip to Myrtle Beach with gurgle in March, in the morning before the clouds rolled in

The pretty colored colored beach umbrellas Shaun and I on the beach : )
Ocean City, Maryland June-1009

The view from our beachhouse on Christmas

Gurgle at the beach after our trip to "Oh My Chocolate" On the Eastern Shore

Now this is just a small tidbit of the pictures I have relating to the beach! I have the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Lots more of Ocean City, Myrtle Beach and the OBX but the picture uploader is giving me a headache so I'll stick with these.

Just a snapshot into everything that I love about the beach:
Blue skies, blue waves, the hot sand, the smell of the boardwalk, dippin dots, dolphin sightings, the beautiful weather, getting a tan and most of all the power and beauty of the Ocean, crashing against the shore with enormous strength so gracefully, and the sound of it lulling you to sleep.

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