Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good Morning Sunday!

Ah, Sunday. They were predicting it would be about 74 today and it's definitely in the upper 70s.


I have too much to do in the little time before shaun gets off:

Make dinner,
Grocery store,
bake cookies.

Early this morning my attention span was that of a 2 year old. I sat down on the couch watching the Masters and tried to do my homework...that didn't last long. The sunshine was calling me, making me restless. I laid down in bed and waited for my jeans to dry then changed quickly and went out to my car, which was SWELTERING. Put the top down and headed to the grocery store, listening to:

Zee Avi

Beautiful sunshine, sunny, island music. I decided to go to Bloom because they are right down the street, next to Michaels and Homegoods, (what more could you want?!)

I decided to try a Martha recipe I had made a few times before and have been craving lately.

Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa

I've made it before for my Shaun, My dad and my boss and they all loved it.

recipe here:

I usually make a variation of the original recipe, slightly browning the red onions before I cook the chicken and then mix it with the diced avocado. (the raw onion flavor is a little too intense for me).

When I'm done making it, Brittany texts me to tell me that West Side Story is on TCM.

My cayenne-rubbed chicken, a bottle of San Pelligrino and West Side Story.
Toniiiiighhht toniiiighhht... wonderful : )

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