Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well Hello Spring!

Lilacs in bloom in front of my dads, and yes this is an iphone photo! way to go iphone!

I'm feeling very springish today, although today is the first in many that it has rained (boohoo) The past 2 weeks have been absolutely marvelous!

The weekend before last was in the 90s! Perfect top down weather for me : )

This past weekend was only in the 70s but I'm not complaining! I did oysters with gurgle and her mama, poppa and uncle on Saturday morning (craving fried oysters for the rest of my life now) and ofcourse stopped at the most wonderful chocolate shop, Oh My Chocolate.

This little chocolate shop has the most decadent chocolate treats EVER. Although it is pretty small and the selection is pretty slim, what they lack in quantity they make up for in quality.
I usually get tiger butter and tiger butter crunch, which is a peanut butter and white chocolate fudge with milk chocolate, rice crispies and chocoalte chips mixed in! Gurgle happened to EAT all of my tiger butter crunch that I left in her safekeeping!!!
But that's ok, this day I opted for the chocolate covered cherries and a chocolate, peanut butter, caramel covered apple


I plan on having my little brother help me eat it, as you can probably tell, there's about a half inch of chocolate, caramel and peanut butter on the way down to the actual apple. exactly how it should be!

On Sunday, Shaun got off around 7 and I made my caprese salad (as shown in my last post). But after dinner we decided to walk off all the cookie calories around the pond next to his place. There was a little dumpling running around with her parents, and she was adorable! (Shaun still refuses to let me steal any small asian babies so I had to let her go)
We sat down and the gooses came to visit!

This is my friend the goose,

we ran out of cheerios for him

so he swam off into the sunset
After our lovely little walk I showered off all the pollen and we became the usual Sunday couch potatos that we are.
I've found a blog that I actually WILL follow because it is SO ADORABLE, I fell asleep with my laptop on my stomach last night!

OH MY GOD what I would give to be able to sew and hem and do the adorable things she does!

The closest I've come to doing adorable things like this was ripping holes in my jeans and cutting the sleeves off my band tees when I was in high school.

I used to love love LOVE the idea of thrifting and altering clothes to update and make them cute but she has caught the epitome of everything I wanted to do perfectly.

I'll admit I've been lacking on the crafting of late but once school is over and I've cleaned my dads house to the best of my ability I promise to get back into it. I should probably stop by the goodwill since it is literally right down the street and pick up one item in an adorable fabric that I can alter.

that's it.

I've made up my mind.

I'm doing it.

I'm going to do more crafty things that I've been slacking on lately.

Updates coming soon!

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