Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh My Chocolate!

Throughout my life, I have always been a humongous fan of chocolate.

In any shape or form, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate fountain, chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate anything.

I've always though that chocolate covered strawberries and cherries were some of the most decadently delicious things on earth.
Ofcourse as I said before, Gurgle and I (after our wonderfully amazing sushi experience at cafesado) we went to our favorite little chocolate shop: Oh My Chocolate

Oh My Chocolate

is located at:

600A Abruzzi Drive
Chester, MD 21619

They specialize in Fountains, Chocolate covered apples, berries and catering events such as weddings and parties.

It's just a small shop on the side of Rte. 50 in the Apple Shopping center. Usually we are the only people there, staring through the glass at the beauty that sits just a sneezeguard away

In the lower, lefthand corner you will see tiger butter and tiger butter crunch. Tiger butter is a white chocolate/peanut butter fudge with fudge swirls and is just about the creamiest, melt in your mouth fudge you will ever try. Tiger butter crunch is this same thing but in rice crispy form with whole mini marshmellows and mini chocolate chips. yum!

Then we come to the apples...oh the apples. On the left hand side of the case is the "apple pie" apple and is just about the sweetest, richest apple pie type of dessert you will probably ever encounter.
They take a granny smith apple, dip it in home-made caramel, then dip it in white chocolate then dip it in a cinnamon, apple pie flavored dust...oh yeah. It's pretty amazing.
They begin by dipping all the apples in their delicious home-made caramel and then a concoction of different types of chocolate, oreo cookes, butterfinger crumbles, the amazing previously mentioned tiger butter crunch! and my favorite: caramel, peanut butter chip, chocolate drizzle.
Ofcourse these amazing treats must be shared with a friend (or a 6 year old brother with a giant sweet tooth) because they are so rich you will probably go into food coma after eating one.

oh yes. This is heaven on a stick.
So again, if you are ever on Marylands Eastern shore (maybe on the way to Ocean City?) stop and grab some sushi and some chocolate and it will definitely perfect that vacation. : )

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