Friday, April 9, 2010


Day one! This is going to be my blog about all things crafting, cupcakes, DIY fashion and the girly/homemaker side of me that rears it's ugly head every now and then.

What you should know from the jump is that Martha Stewart is my hero. I mean she's not just my hero, SHE IS MY HERO! If I met her in person I would instantly hyperventilate and pass out on the floor.

The biggest compliment I have pretty much ever received was on Christmas, when my boyfriends aunt said, "she really is like a mini Martha Stewart, isn't she?" well...Aunt Judy is getting something very nice for Christmas this year!

All I wanna do is bake and draw and paint and create things all day. HOWEVER...I do have a downfall: sewing.

Ever since the 6th grade I've been shredding fabric and breaking sewing machines. The most I ever made was a hand-sewn pillow and again, I'm pretty sure that was on a 2nd or 3rd try.

Why can't I sew? Who knows. Lack of common sense for how the machine works and what I'm supposed to be doing I suppose. BUT I do plan to conquer this problem...eventually.

Other than sewing I've been incredibly crafty ever since I was a small child. I was always improving for things and creating, mixing, building. I like to work with my hands and I just ADORE anything that has to do with crafting. (except for you know...the old lady stuff)

Ok so I lied, I suck at keeping plants alive AND making biscuits. For all of the stuff I bake all the time, biscuits are just not possible for me...I baked 2 batches on Easter and each one came out the same exact way: disgusting.

I would really love to have a garden but the only place I could garden is at my dads house and his house/yard is such a horrible mess I'm surprised the trees don't die off.

However, I'm a fighter and if I want something...I get it. So sewing/gardening/buttermilk biscuits, HERE I COME!!

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